This weekend we begin a new sermon series called Getting into the game. We are excited to start this series off with tailgate party in the parking lot at church. People travel hours to go to their favorite sports teams, both college and professional. Those same people spend time talking about it before it starts, they spend time after talking about the glorious victory or the crushing defeat. During football season the world is completely absorbed. People want to see their team win. You automatically know when you have won in football, but not in life.  

How can we define a win in life? The world will define winning much differently than God. The world says to win everything at all cost. But it says in God’s Word, “What good is it if you gain (Win) the whole world, but lose your soul?”

Before we even get in the game we have to define what it means to win in life. When you sit at home alone at night or on the lake during retirement and look back at the day or your career how will you know that you “won”?

How do you define winning in life? What does a successful life look like according to God’s standards?