Everyone needs a strategy. I can remember playing pickup games of football in Jr. High. I was frustrated when I was on the team that had no plan for how we should try to score to win the game. Usually it started with everyone fighting over who was going to be the quarterback, after that was decided the game started. I never liked to hear the quarterback say these words, “Just go long and I’ll get you the ball.”

‘Just go long’ is certainly a strategy but not one that has ever been successful on a consistent basis. The team that I liked to be on was the one that had a plan. The quarterback told the receivers what route to run, told the offense line who to block and you knew the ball would get to you. There was a clear-cut strategy to win and most of the time it was successful.

Can you imagine a college or professional team with the strategy, “Go Long?” As fans we would not tolerate such a strategy from our team. We would call for the heads of the coaches, owners and whoever allowed such foolishness. But when it comes to people around us we see strategy-less lives and never bat an eye.

There are a lot of Christians that live lives without a strategy in mind. We are victors through Christ and yet there are some who act like they have lost. It’s time there was some strategy laid out so that we can start playing like champions.

A proper strategy has a strong offense and a strong defense. The following is a recap of the points from the message.

1.) It is an important strategy to not become over-confident because we have an enemy in the devil that prowls around looking for people to devour. When we become over-confident we open ourselves up to attack. Be alert and guard your hearts!

2.) We have to play as a team. That means we look out and care for other Christians. If someone is straying we speak to them instead of watching them self-destruct. We also encourage one another when life gets to be difficult.

3.) Read the play book. How do we know what God intends for our lives or more about him if we never read his word? It would be difficult. To put it simply find the time to read your Bible. It might be in a small group, large group, online, or private devotions. Whatever it might be read the Bible.

4.) Play with a winning attitude. Play like you know the end of the story, because you do! Jesus’ death and resurrection has given us the victory. Our attitude should be one of thankfulness and joy in all circumstances.

This is a strategy. Let’s start living life in an intentional way and playing as a team.

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