Jim Marshall had a career in football that extended well over two decades. Jim’s career marks are as follows; 409 games (pre-season, season, post season and pro-bowls), *1050 + tackles (league and post season games), *133 + sacks (league and post season games).  Jim was captain of the Vikings for 17 years.  His teams won 11 Divisional Championships, 1 with the Cleveland Browns and 10 with the Minnesota Vikings.  He played in 4 Super Bowls. *No individual stats for the Cleveland Browns

The unfortunate thing is that Jim Marshall is not known for any of those accomplishments. He is best known for his nickname “Wrong Way” Marshall. On October 25, 1964, in a game against the San Francisco 49ers, Marshall recovered a fumble and ran 66 yards with it in the wrong way into his own end zone. In celebration he slammed the ball down, it went out-of-bounds and gave two points to the opposing team.

Why do I mention a player like this? It may be to point out a gaffe by a Vikings player, but more importantly I would like to point out that every player makes mistakes and sometimes it results in points for the other side. How can you recover from something like that?

On this side of heaven we will not lead a perfect life and some of our sins can threaten to interfere with the rest of our life. They haunt us and keep us awake at night as we replay what we did or failed to do. God’s grace says that we start each day fresh. There is no going back and you cannot make up for previous loss, but God says that you can be right back in the game because of the victory of his son.

Have you ever had a major gaffe in life and didn’t know how you would ever recover from it? Did you recover from it? How? Please leave your comments below or on our Facebook page.