We are starting a new sermon series this weekend that will focus on Christian stewardship. I know there are some people in the church and not in the church that have a hard time when churches talk about money. But Stewardship is much more than just money. It is interesting to note that Jesus spent a lot of time talking about money; actually it was the number one topic of discussion right after him talking about the Kingdom of God. Jesus never shied away from stewardship talk and neither will we.

It is a sign of a mature Christian to have a good perspective on the giving of time, talent and treasure. The local church does not exist if people are not giving of themselves. So every year we spend time talking about Stewardship because we believe it is important for people to have a proper perspective when it comes to every aspect of their lives.

For three weeks, we will look at the biblical perspective of managing our time, talent and treasure. We will ask the question, If God has provided everything that we have, how can we be the best stewards of it all?

The first week we will look at the parable of the talents. We learn that God wants us to maximize what he has given us. We are not to simply bury it in the ground, but to be wise managers. God is the giver of all that we have including all of our wealth and we are to be good managers. This includes paying off debt, investing for the future, and giving back to Him. As wise managers it helps us to keep in mind that this all belongs to God and we only have it for a short time.

What would you do if you had unlimited resources? What would be the big things you would want to address first? What does it mean that everything we have is a gift from God? If God is looking for us to return back to him what he has given, what shape are you in today?

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