I still remember when I first went back to the gym after probably ten years of absence. I felt awkward and exposed in an unfamiliar place. I had no clue as to what I should do first. The treadmill looked simple enough so I jumped on and hit start. It has not been an easy road to travel and there is no way I could have done it on my own. I met with a trainer who mapped out a plan for me. We talked about goals and a vision for what I wanted to see when I looked at myself in the mirror. There have been times when it has been painful and there are times when I just didn’t go even when I needed to, but that is all a part of the journey. It is a journey of taking control of my health because it is important.

After a solid year has passed of going to the gym on a frequent basis, I now notice the same kind of people coming to the gym with that familiar terrified look in their eyes. I want to run and tell them that it is crucial not to get overwhelmed by the people they see. I know they all look so fit and trim. It is easy to ask questions like: Where are the other people who look like me? Did the others give up? Should I be here?   

It is a little funny to look around at the gym and see a bunch of fit men and women and wonder, “Are they keeping the out of shape people in the back room so no one will see them.” But I believe with all my heart that, “You have to start somewhere!” I started somewhere and so will every person that walks into the gym. I can’t expect to be chiseled and fit in one visit, even though it would be nice. This is not about a single goal, but a lifestyle change.

As I thought about fitness and my reintroduction to the world of fitness, I started to draw a lot of parallels to this current series of messages on Stewardship. People would like to believe that we are born with an innate sense of stewardship. From birth we know that we don’t own anything but it is all a trust from God. It is true that we don’t own anything but it’s not true that people are born believing that. New Christians that step in the church may believe that everyone sitting the pew has things all together. The actual truth is that there are some people who look like everything is fine but are actually falling apart, physically and emotionally. There are others who have a good handle on things, but the journey is different for all people.

Stewardship can look scary because we all want to believe that the stuff that we have is ours because we worked hard for it. It is difficult to give up that illusion but once we do we can become better managers of everything that God has given us.

We have to start somewhere! It’s easy to become overwhelmed by what we should be doing. It gets worse when we see others who are fit and in shape, but just like the fitness story…We have to start somewhere! It may not be where you would like it to be or where it should be, but you can start somewhere! If you are saying to yourself, “I don’t have a clue where to start or how to do this.” It’s okay because there are other people in your church or in your community that have a great handle on good stewardship principles. Don’t be afraid to ask for help…you can’t be expected to do it all on your own.  We are not shooting for a single goal of being a tither or any other one area goal…this is a lifestyle change. God calls for us to be good stewards, but how will we respond?

Stewardship is heart work. Ask God to point out the areas that you should be concerned with the most. Then ask him to help and guide you in your pursuit.

In the area of stewardship, what do you struggle with the most? Please leave your comments and questions below or on our Facebook page.