We are not trying to get into a cultural war over whether people want to hear Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas at your favorite stores. It is fine to have a happy holiday season, but is that truly our goal, just to be happy? There are a lot of elements that have to be just right in order for us to be really happy during the holidays. Having a Merry Christmas is not about everything being just right. A Merry Christmas is about being secure knowing that God stepped into this world as a baby boy. That boy grew up and journeyed to the cross where he laid his life down as the perfect sacrifice for all people. This is knowledge that brings joy and peace no matter the circumstances in our life. Our God loves us so much he was willing to go to every extent to bring his creation back to him. We will focus on different aspects of the season that can easily distract us from the true meaning.

This week we will talk about Rush and Rest. We all talk about the holiday rush and how much we dislike it, but do we really?? I would guess there is a part of us that likes the excitement, the finding time to shop, getting ready for company………….at least while we are still 4 weeks away. The rush to celebrate our holy day helps us get focused, but if the rush consumes us we focus on the wrong thing. We need Christmas rest, a time to rest in the promises of God and the grace that came down on that first Christmas.

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