If we focus just on the happy holidays and not realize that it is a holy day we have set ourselves up for some grave disappointments. The success or failure of your celebration depends greatly on things that are out of your control. Did you get the right gift? Don’t know until they open it. Will you get what you really wanted? Won’t know until you open it. Will the relative behave? Will the food turn out? Will I be alone again? And the list of ‘what if’s’ can go on and on. If it is just a holiday then there are so many intangibles that are unpredictable.

Yet, when you focus on Christmas being a “holy day” then you can guarantee that it will be a merry Christmas. When you look at the celebration of the birth of Christ, that God is with us…then there is no other response than to be Merry.

Why do we allow ourselves to get caught up in all the things that suck our time and energy away? What can you do to focus on the coming Holy Day to guarantee that it will be a Merry Christmas?

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