We are all familiar with Matthew 28:18 and following because it is the “Great Commission,” but what about verse 17? Verse 17 says that “…some of them still doubted!” Really!?! They walked with him for three years, witnessed miracles beyond what was possible, watched him die on a cross and now he stands before them teaching, and there are still some doubting?

It goes to show you that even when looking at the impossible in the face there are still some people who will doubt. It is not unlike today when people attempt to view miracles with their modern eyes. They want proof beyond a reasonable doubt. Things they can’t see are not possible because they don’t have a material cause. Belief in God is a belief that he will work beyond our imagination. But doubt was not the biggest issue for the disciples but it led them to take their eyes off the mission.

Once they doubted it was easier for them to take their eyes off the mission. Once you take your eyes off of the mission of bringing the saving news of Jesus to people for the first time and for a lifetime we can become blinded to the obvious. If you look in Acts 1:6 the disciples are still thinking that Jesus is going to lead the people of Israel into freedom from Rome. But that was not His mission, it wasn’t the disciples’ mission, and it is not our mission. We have to stay committed to the mission and make all of our decisions and choices based upon that mission. There is no building, program, or sermon that will change the lives of people forever. Only the good news of Christ can change a life. The others are tools or vehicles for that news to penetrate hearts. Let’s commit to the mission!

What has become a stumbling block to you that has led you to take your eyes off the mission? What can you do today to recommit to the mission?

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