I spent some time “out on the street” last Friday with my friend Karen as the cameraman. We walked around a local mall and asked people two questions. What comes to mind when you hear the word Jesus? and Who do you say Jesus is? (Please read the blog post with the same title to get the larger picture of what we were trying to accomplish)

Two simple questions but as you can see in the above video that it brings about different responses. We talked to a lot of people but some didn’t want to be on camera. We did not come in contact with anyone who was hostile or angry that we would ask them questions like these. We also did not take this opportunity to correct them or debate with them on their comments. I simply wanted to get some raw feelings and feedback when it came to the subject of Jesus.

I think there is a lot to learn from the responses in the video. I shared with you a few things I learned at the end of the video. But I want to hear from you. After watching the video did you learn anything from the responses? I know the sound could have been better, we are working on that for next time.

If you accepted the challenge of asking three people you didn’t know, what did you find out?

I will look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks!