This is week #9 in our journey through the Gospel of Mark. Up until this point in Chapter 11, Jesus has always been telling people, especially his disciples, not to say anything yet about what they have seen and heard. I know why he said it but I can’t imagine being the one that experienced something that changed my life and then being instructed not to tell anyone.

The thing is…my life has been changed eternally as the result of Jesus actions. I do not always act as though he is the king and let everyone know about it. Have you heard, seen and felt the effects of Jesus in your life but has chosen to keep quiet about it? If so, there is great news for you and I today, it is time to stand up and say something.

Jesus comes into the city of Jerusalem for the last time. He doesn’t tell his disciples not to alert anyone or keep it as a hush-hush event. Not this time. This time Jesus comes into the city as a king, but with a stark difference. He does not come in riding a powerful war-horse; instead He enters on a donkey, an animal of peace.

He is the king, but a very different kind of king. This odd juxtaposition demonstrates that Jesus was King, but that he didn’t fit into the world’s categories of kingship. He brought together majesty and meekness. In Jesus we find infinite majesty yet complete humility, perfect justice yet boundless grace, absolute sovereignty yet utter submission, all-sufficiency in himself yet entire trust and dependence on God. But in Jesus the result of these extremes of character is not mental and emotional breakdown. Jesus’ personality is a complete and beautiful whole. So come and watch this mighty King ride a little donkey into Jerusalem for the last time in his earthly ministry. You will find it hard not to tell anyone about it.

We celebrate Jesus as king on Palm Sunday. What does it mean that Jesus is the king in your life? Do you find it difficult to declare him king every other day of the week?

Will you take the challenge this week (starting on Monday) of reading three chapters a day of the Gospel of Mark? Check back here for daily updates as we take up this challenge along side of you. It will be a good preparation for us as we go through the agony of Holy Week with the culmination of Easter.