Day 4 of reading through the Gospel of Mark. We are on chapters 10-12. If you have not read them yet, please do that. Then watch the video of Pastor Ron as he shares two particular insights from his reading today. Finally, share your own insights, because out of three chapters there will be more than two thoughts. I will look forward to hearing from you. It is through others reactions and reflections we can learn more about the Word of God.

Here are a few of my reflections:

Chapter 10:13-ff- Jesus has time for all people. Especially those that are viewed as the lowest of the society. Children were loved, but they were also viewed as servants of the household. Jesus says faith like that of these little infants is the way to receive the kingdom of God. The story that follows is a direct example of this. A rich, young ruler wants to know the secret to eternal life; what must he do? Jesus is saying have faith like these babies. It is not a faith that is void of evidence but a faith that is secure in salvation through Jesus.

The end of chapter 10 Jesus is talking about dying and his disciples are concerned about who is going to be the greatest. How easily we can lose perspective when our focus is on us.

Chapter 11- Jesus seems a little grumpy when he comes to the court of the Gentiles at the temple. He starts overturning tables and seats of those present. Even though these money changers were always there Jesus is angry because it should be a place of prayer for all nations. This opens up access to God unlike anyone had ever done because he included the Gentiles.

Chapter 12- “The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone…” The builders of the house forgot to put the cornerstone in. The house will never be complete without the cornerstone. Jesus is essential for our foundation. When we remove him, we remove what is essential and the foundation is in danger of cracking and collapsing. What condition is your foundation in today?

Great chapters from Mark and Great news from God today.