Women can touch lives in a unique way. Mothers touch their own children’s lives, but mothers as well as all women touch lives they may or may not even realize. From their own children to friends of their children, grandchildren, children and youth at church, school, or anywhere. I truly believe that it is the way that God built them. Women have a natural sense of nurture. This is not just mothers but I have known many women who have no children that were naturals at encouraging and nurturing others around them. Male and female alike are moved or impacted by women in their lifetime (mothers, grandmothers, teachers, aunts, etc.) In ways we may never know, Godly women leave their faith as a legacy to others.

I can think of a handful of songs right now that were written by artists dedicated to their mothers. They played such a significant role in their life they felt a song was a way to honor them. On Gloria Dei’s Facebook page we asked people to share their stories of how their moms left a legacy of faith. There were many letters that were written in response to this by men and women. All of these stories will posted on our website for you to check if you are interested (www.gloriadeionline.com). I want to share with you a letter from a man named Bill to his mother that passed away 21 years ago. Listen to how deeply his mother impacted his life of faith, even when she was taken so early.

Dear Mom,

I have been asked to write you a letter to tell others how you helped install faith in my life and the example that you lived. I find this a bit challenging as I haven’t talked to you for over 21 years and the last time we talked you were not exactly happy with the choices your 21-year-old son was making. I know now that those words were spoken out love and concern for me. I am sure you were wondering what path is this boy going to take and did I do my best to raise him in a good home with Christian values.

I know that when Dad and you were divorced when I was in second grade you had a hard time being accepted in the church we attended at the time. I know that you felt forced to make some choices that were not what you thought you would be making at that time in your life. Besides making those choices you seemed to not have the support of the Pastor at our church. On top of that you had ongoing medical issues that would take your life within the next 15 years. With all the challenges in your way you always had a smile and looked out for those who needed help even though we probably were not far from needing help ourselves. You told me that God has plans for you and you may not understand them when challenges or changes happen, but you will understand them later in life and in God’s time. I can say now I know why some challenges happened in my life when I was younger and what God has called me to be. I remember at Grandpa’s funeral when you handed me his flag after it was presented to you, you handed it to me and told me Grandpa would want you to have it, you are now the man of the family. I finally figured out what it means to be the man of the family. Thank you Mom for instilling those values and lessons in my life before you passed.

Happy Mothers Day!



Bill’s mother played a huge part in his growth as a man and as a Christian today. She may not have been able to see it as she was living, but she made a big impact with her actions and words. Women everywhere have been able to pass along the same kind of influence to their children and children they came in contact with.

This by no means is an easy job. Many women, I am sure, have felt unworthy, overwhelmed and unqualified at some point along the way. Mothers/women can’t leave a legacy of faith on their own, but through God they are able to walk in faith where God leads…touching lives in ways that may or may not be known to anyone but God.

If you were to write a letter to your mom, what would you share with her as she played a role in your life?

What is the legacy that you are leaving, either to your children or the children you come in contact with?

Please share with us your experiences as we spend the weekend honoring all moms and motherly figures.

Happy Mother’s Day!