For Mother’s Day I posted a song that was written and sung as a tribute to mothers. For Father’s Day I thought I would go in search of a song for Father’s. I ran up against a little bit of a problem. As it turns out the famous music magazine Rolling Stone tried to do the same thing a number of years ago and polled their readers to find out the best dad songs. This is what Rolling Stone said:

“Turns out there aren’t a ton of, “gee, you sure are a great dad” songs. Most of them address absent fathers, distant fathers, dead fathers or fathers mourning their dead sons.”

The most well-known songs that are written to Father’s don’t have anything to do with encouragement or being raised in a good home. It is all about the angst of being absent, distant or dads who are gone. It is a little depressing that there isn’t something better out there for dads. So I have a request…If any of you that are reading this have some musical talents, could you put together a song for dads that would be an encouragement to them? As a dad I thank you in advance.

I want to be an encouragement to Dads today. You play a huge role in the life of your families. There are things that you will say or do that will affect children forever. Dad’s play a big role because kids are always looking up to the fathers and watching them from a far. Check out this cartoon that shows what I am talking about.

Dad you are someones superhero, so don’t be discouraged. No one is perfect your kids will eventually come to realize that, but until then show them what it means to be a person after God’s own heart. Show them that when you make mistakes its okay. Let them know that when you hurt someone by what you say or do, apologize and ask for forgiveness. Show them how to respect people, even when they don’t deserve it. Show them that your strength is not yours alone but it comes from God. Model a faith life that is not just fake words and thoughtless actions.  Tell your kids that you love them, that you are proud of them and that they are good at whatever God has gifted them with. Show them that they were created for a bigger purpose. You are a model for them, so strive to be the best possible model.

I thought Dad’s still needed a song, So I thought I would put a song in here from Will Smith that he wrote to his son that is called, “Just the two of us.” It talks about the strong bond between fathers and their kids.

This Father’s Day…If you are not a dad; I hope you hug a dad this Father’s Day and be encouragement to them. If you are a dad; be intentional about your role in the life of your kids. Happy Father’s Day!