Today I have posted a song that goes along with the message this weekend on Grace. The song is called Grace Tells Another Story by Mercy Me. I posted the YouTube video with words on it so that you can read the words as they are singing.

You may be feeling today that you are too far gone, wondering why anyone would love you. Grace tells us a completely different story. Even when you have grumbled when there should have been praise, even when you have deceived when the truth should have been spoken, even when you betrayed when there should have been loyalty…God knows your ragged nature and all about your raggedness and he loves you anyway. He does not turn a blind eye to your sin nor is he somehow naive about our sin but through his love he gave his son and through the cross our sin is taken from us and put on him. It is a love that changes us from the inside-out.

This is a love that takes ragged humans like you and me and loves us when it doesn’t make sense. God begins by doing reconstructive surgery on our hearts. Then one day, Jesus will be back to restore all that has been broken, ragged, and dirty.

What do you think of the song? What do you think of Grace?