I apologize for not publishing an article in almost two weeks. The series we are in has been an amazing journey through the Book of Joshua. I have found that there has always been more to learn and ways to grow in faith. Keep your hearts and ears open!

Karen Kennedy is the author of this weeks blog. She has an amazing heart for God and brings a different perspective on faith and life.

Joshua told the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things among you.” Joshua 3:5

The years in the wilderness were filled with wrath and death, but those times have now expired–the children of Israel are poised to enter into Canaan. They are ready to claim their inheritance in the land of promise. Before they can enter Canaan, they must first get past one final, major obstacle–the rapidly flooding Jordan River.

With boldness and faith Joshua gives the order to the priests, “When you reach the edge of the Jordan’s water, go and stand in the river.” In other words, the priests had to put their feet into the raging river. He then orders the entire nation to break camp, which is no small undertaking. If Joshua has misinterpreted God’s command or God changes his mind–Joshua will have made an incredible mistake.

The tension continues, Joshua commanded the people to follow the priests into the river! Can you feel the suspense? Joshua, the priests, the people remembering their wilderness experience while looking at the river rushing before them. Do we stay, or do we go? This is not only a step of faith that the waters will not harm them, but also a forward motion of the leaving their 40-year wilderness routine behind them. The promised land is almost reachable, but there was a lot at stake if they put their feet in the river. There was no way they could cross this river on their own! They needed supernatural help.

As we read the story, we see the happy ending, but they did not. They were required to believe the promise of God by stepping out in faith. It was not easy, it took plenty of courage for them to step out on God’s promises.

Similarly in our lives, we will all be called to step out in faith in some area of life–to put our feet in the water, following God’s lead, leaving behind the familiar while reaching toward God’s calling. At that point, we need to fully realize that God’s promises are larger than our Jordan’s and that we need supernatural help to take faith’s first step.

When have you had to take a step of faith? How difficult was the decision? What advice would you give to others who are struggling with the idea of trusting in God instead of their own ways?