As the sirens were sounding and the rain was pounding during last Wednesday’s storm, we, who were in the church office, wondered if we should go to the basement. Suddenly, a young woman appeared in the church’s office. Wet and shaken, she asked if she could use our phone to call for a ride home because she was running outside and got caught in the storm.

“Of course,” we all smiled, nodded and pointed to the phone.

We then all continued with our work or discussions, except for one staff member who disappeared. A few minutes later, with towels in her hand, the staff member asked the young woman if she wanted to dry off. This staff member was bringing Jesus via a towel to a weary runner. By extending this towel, she lived out the mission of our church in a practical and loving way to someone who was right in front of her.

Soon the young woman left as quickly as she came into the office.

But as I was reflecting on this incident, I thought of how I completely missed the opportunity. I simply, went back to my office to work. I never considered this minor interruption as a possible gift from God or an opportunity where I could bring Jesus to someone. In fact, at times, I even pray for God to place me in situations where I can show someone his love. And yet I was blinded to this one. However, I was extremely thankful that another staff member saw and seized the opportunity to bring Jesus to this woman.

Bringing Jesus Christ to people for the first time and for a lifetime.

As a corporation, we rally behind these thirteen words. After all, it is Gloria Dei’s mission statement, isn’t it? And yet, in order to fulfill these words, we, as individuals need to all take heed to this stormy event by extending our hands to those who God places before us. Is it a stranger, a family member or a friend? Do they need a smile, an encouraging word, or simply a towel to dry off from the storms of life?

Is it that simple? I believe that it is. I believe, that God wants each of us to do what one of us did during the storm, look at who is before us, and bring Jesus to them by a simple act of kindness.