The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) has a new billboard ready and it honestly tells us why man’s “reason” cannot bring forth a culure that is lasting, or even “good.”

The latest billboard going up in Idaho says, “Our Morality Comes From Reality.”  Of whose reality are we speaking? Middle class and doing pretty good reality? The spouse who finds his or her spouse inadequate reality? How about the “I’m broke and have to have some money” reality?

No society can survive by allowing each person, or even a group of people, decide which reality will determine morality. The nation that is duped into thinking that its population must be reduced (China, for instance) decides that forced abortion is moral because the nation’s leaders consider over-population a reality and a threat. The person without enough money to pay the bills may decide that his reality makes it moral to steal. A man or woman unhappy in their marriage may see adultery as moral because of the reality that they perceive at home.

When man rejects God’s rules of moral behavior as non-applicable, that man and his society have no rule by which to judge morality except what is perceived as reality, and who will determine what that reality is?

No society can survive for long under the mantra of “Our Morality Comes From Reality.”  There must be a higher authoritative rule if man is to survive, let alone thrive. For the Christian, only God can determine morality because only He knows the true reality in which we live.

Sue Wilson