Is getting involved in the new series “The Story” what you want to do? Better yet, is it something that you need to do?

To help decide, let’s see how your knowledge of God’s word is doing. Here are some questions. See if you can answer them. The answers are found below the post.

  1. What are the first three words in the Bible?
  2. Who wrote most of the New Testament?
  3. What Jewish feast was Jesus celebrating when He was arrested?
  4. What captive, blinded judge was still able to destroy his enemy?
  5. What is Enoch’s claim to fame?
  6. What fruit does the Bible say Eve ate?
  7. Where in the Bible would you find the first promise of salvation from God?
  8. What group did Matthew want to reach with his Gospel?
  9. What group did Luke want to reach with his Gospel?
  10. Jacob unintentionally ended up with two wives. What were their names?

If you “aced” this little quiz–Cool! But do you know all of the spiritual truths lurking in the facts contained in God’s word?  If not, well, you know… The Story is still for you!

If you had a few problems with the quiz–Cool! Because you won’t have to be persuaded to participate in our pastors’ journey through God’s word as told in The Story. You’re already excited about The Story because you know that your kids or grandkids are going to come up with those crazy questions about God, and you want to have the answers for them.

Speaking of answers:

  1. “In the beginning…”
  2. St. Paul
  3. Passover
  4. Samson
  5. He never died
  6. The fruit is not named
  7. Genesis 3:15
  8. Jews
  9. Gentiles
  10. Leah and Rachel

Sue Wilson