Packed in the pages of the Bible are stories – hundreds of them – written about people who teach us lessons and help us discover the mysteries of our loving and powerful God. It’s an amazing book that God carefully prepared just for us. And for the next 31 weeks, we are going to turn the Bible inside out as we read his story in a unique way.

“The Story” is an exciting church wide experience based on a book that uses the NIV translation of the Bible, presenting the scriptures in compelling narratives. The book reads like a novel and pulls the reader into a chronological progression of the colorful and assorted biblical characters and events.

As we step through the chapters together, we’ll take time in weekend worship, small group studies, children and youth education times, on social media sites and many other opportunities to unpack each week’s biblical teachings. We’ll increase our biblical literacy as we discover together how our individual stories, and the stories recorded for us in Scripture, are part of God’s greater plan for salvation. Through our reading, we’ll also uncover what it means to be a disciple of Christ and how we can engage in sharing his story with others.

We are excited to begin this process together as we read through His story. I believe this series could be a momentous time in the history of our church. I believe people will see that God’s story is their story, which will shake people from their complacency and then together we all will be stronger as we continue to see Our story unfolding right before our eyes.

You have just read our expectations for “The Story.” So, what expectations do you have as you anticipate our journey through “The Story?”

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