Most Christians are aware that our culture has been changing. Today, we are being asked in subtle ways to “privatize” our faith; to keep it in the church, or to ourselves. I have had friends on FB ask my opinion and then say, “If it has to do with religion, I don’t want to hear it.”  Hmm. What to do? Keep my faith to myself, sharing it only with those of my church or other friends that I know are Christian?

According to author Ravi Zacharias, that cannot be the answer. Here is what he has to say in his book, “Deliver Us From Evil”–

“Every thinking person knows that to imprison a sacred belief within the private realm is ultimately to fracture, if not to kill, the belief. One could no more sever belief from public expression and still live spiritually fulfilled than one could remove the heart from the body and bid the blood flow. The separation kills the life in the body. Such is the impact on privatized spirituality.”

I do not think that we are in danger of losing our belief, or having it “killed.” I think that Zacharias’ point here is that this is what Satan hopes will happen; that Satan hopes that the Church (its people) can be silenced.

Have you found yourself “privatizing” your faith for fear of ridicule or condemnation? I know that there are times when I speak of my Savior in great trepidation of what might come flying back. It’s a tough call.  I find myself thinking that if I offend someone, I must have not acted in love. Then the other half of my brain/heart reminds me that Jesus said everything in  perfect love and was crucified for his statements; that He told His followers that the time would come when it would be tough to be a Christian. Again, it is confusing.

How are you handling the current attitude toward our faith? What do you think of Zacharias’ summation of the situation? Has our culture come that far, or can we still openly share our faith without fear of a “put down”?

Thanks for reading. I hope you will share your thoughts!

sue wilson