As we journey through the story together, we have asked four people to read the chapter of “The Story” ahead of time and give their perspective. Before or after you read the chapter, you can listen to and read the perspectives of the chapter. You can then add your own perspective or interact with theirs. Some perspectives will be in video format and others in written word. Please interact with these guys across at any of our multiple social sites. Enjoy!

If you have any questions about this process please comment and I will respond quickly.

Perspective 1 by Dan Petrak

Dan is a husband, father and a Math professor at DMACC and currently working on his doctorate.

Perspective 2 by Jade Miller

Jade is a 13-year-old student and recent published author.

In the first chapter of “The Story”, God creates the world and Noah builds the ark. The plot of “The Story” skips from Adam and Eve to the story of the Ark, and as we know, Noah’s Ark doesn’t occur until Chapter 6 of Genesis.

“The Story” is a streamlined version of God’s master plan for all of us here on earth. I love the new format, since I can focus on the plot of the Bible instead of the genealogies, minute details, and hard-to-understand references.

In Chapter 1, I saw that God created everything in the world to be perfect, but when things got out of hand during Noah’s time, God decided to flood the earth. Noah was spared because he was righteous and “he walked with God”.  If we walk with God by trusting him, asking for forgiveness, and having faith in His son, Jesus Christ, we too will be saved.

Perspective 3 by Barb Miles

Barb is a wife, grandmother, and a passionate volunteer. She works as an overseer of the farms her late father loved and enjoyed working with.

God gave mankind a second chance to start over, when he told Noah to gather his family and two of every living creatures in the ark.  As I was reading this chapter I thought of how many second chances I have had.  Yes, God is a God of love and forgiveness.  How many times do we need to be reminded of it?

Finally, I have always been in awe of rainbows.  I now understand that God’s rainbow is a sign from Him of His promise to me.  He is always there for me, He is always giving me second chances.

Perspective 4 by Pastor Ron

Ron is the Sr. Pastor at Gloria Dei for over 20 years. He is a Husband, father and passionate about motorcycles and antique radios.

I am not sure how many times I have read the account of creation and the fall of mankind into sin. Each time there are two details that strike me, but both of them reveal the same thing about God.

The first detail is the description of each day of creation. After each day it ends with “…and God saw that it was good.” Each day ends the same, that is, except the sixth day which ends with “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.” A subtle difference? Not really. What little bit of the Hebrew language I remember comes into play in this verse. Where it is translated “very good” is actually the same word “good” repeated three times. In ancient Hebrew, you added emphasis by repeating a word. Here it is repeated three times! At the end of the sixth day it was “good, good, good!” Or it was perfect! So what happened on the sixth day? God created human beings! The world was not complete; it was not perfect until He created his crowning achievement—man.

The second detail happens after Adam and Eve sin. God calls them on the carpet and banishes them from the Garden. An easy sentence in my book. After all, God said they could do anything they wanted and eat anything they wanted, except from one tree. So, what tree do they eat from? You guessed it—the one he said not to. In my book, I would have squished the plan and tried again on mars! Anyway, after God explains the consequence of their sin, it says that “He made clothes for them.” They just ruined everything and God makes them clothes.

What do the two details reveal about God? How much he loves and cares for mankind. He didn’t just call us into existence; he formed us out of the ground and gave us the breath of life. The world was not complete without mankind and then, even though we messed everything up…he takes care of us. For me those two details reveal God’s love for us humans.