Another sad reminder that our kids’ beliefs are in danger and it could get worse.

Bill Nye, that sweet science guy, is at it again, (only worse this time) according to the following from ABC News and AP:

“…he has stepped into the debate about evolution with an online video that encourages parents who believe in creationism not to pass those beliefs on to their children. [all emphasis mine]
The star of the popular 1990s children’s TV show says he is upset by recent efforts in some states to insert promotion of creationist beliefs into science classrooms. …
The 56-year-old says that creationist beliefs are more widespread in the U.S. than in most other countries and they threaten future scientific innovation.”

Mr Nye has forgotten that most of the great scientists of past centuries (including the 20th) were religious people who believed in a Creator. Thomas Kepler said that science is man discovering what God has done.

The real threat here is Nye’s video encouraging Christian parents to keep their mouths shut concerning God’s creation of the world. Creation is a part of Christian belief because it demonstrates God’s rule over the world, and His authority and power to determine its history.

One more point he seems to miss–in this country we have the religious freedom to pass our faith on to our children.—-at least for the moment.

sue wilson