What has always amazed me concerning Joseph is his faith-stamina. He just did not give up. He relied on his faith in God every day. I give up so easily, even though I truly believe that God has a path and plan for me. I truly believe that faith is a gift from God, but use it too sparingly, as though I might run out someday. And, by not practicing it every day, I lose so much.

Because faith in my God is often not the primary instigation factor in my daily life, the moment something doesn’t go as I think it should, I begin to dash here and there trying to “fix” it, without stopping to consider what God may be doing. This applies to jobs, relationships, even world problems (yeah, I got whatever it is pretty bad).

Joseph, on the other hand, after being dropped in a water-gathering hole and sold into slavery did not run around in a panic. He had a deep and abiding faith.  He looked at where God had let him be placed and patiently waited to see God’s plan develop. He was the best slave, the best prisoner, and the best manager that Egypt had ever seen.

I, on another hand, am probably the worst whiner that my loving God has ever had to patiently prod in the direction He wants me to go. I am the beagle of his flock–and if you know beagles, you know that they are wonderful and obedient until a path other than yours grabs their attention.

Joseph’s faith was solid and steady. My faith is often forgotten as I try to come up with my own solutions to my latest self-inflicted wound.

Joseph never argued with God. I argue with God as effectively as the time I argued with my father that if driving slower gained better gas milage, then standing at an idle should give me 100 mpg. Yep, arguing with God is that dumb.

So my hope is that thinking about Joseph and his enduring trust and faith in God in all things will remind me (even me) to do the same.

sue wilson