After all that God had provided His people; after all the times that He had shown them His power to protect and bless them, the spies sent into the promised land came back and said that it would be suicide to do what God had commanded. All but two–Caleb and Joshua, who begged the people to obey God and enter the land. They would not, which led to another forty years of desert education.

It’s easy to criticize the spies who came back saying, “There’s giants there!”  I wonder, though, how many times we do the same thing.

I was sitting in my favorite fast food “office” the other day and noted a very scruffy man in his 50s sitting with a backpack and a cup of coffee. I had seen him there before, but this time something urged me to go over to him and say “I don’t want to offend, but would you like to have a McMuffin to go with your coffee?”

Another something inside me said, “There’s giants there!”  I listened to the wrong voice, and after awhile he hoisted his backpack and walked out the door and down the street. I wasn’t very proud of myself for fearing giants in the land.

How many times have you had opportunity to help another person, but ringing in your ears was the phrase, “There’s giants there!”