Perspective 1-Pastor Ron

God’s grace and Jesus’ genealogy is what struck me the most from this chapter.  God’s grace to David is incredible. David’s relationship with Bathsheba had obviously started all wrong – an affair, the murder of her husband, and the death of the first child they had together. Yet, God allows them to have other children and even allows their first son to become the next king! Others were in line to be king before Solomon, but God knows the love that David has for Bathsheba and he allows their child to be the heir to the throne.

One has to believe that when God formed Solomon in the womb He had plans for him. Believers and unbelievers alike know the Wisdom of Solomon. A wisdom that he received from God when he could have asked for anything, anything at all! I would suggest that Solomon had maturity beyond his years and a good deal of wisdom before God blessed him with even more. God’s grace in all of this is indescribable. How incredible that God could take an adulterous affair and turn it around to produce a wise king for Israel!

You add to all this grace the genealogy of Jesus and it becomes even more overwhelming. Jesus’ family history now includes Bathsheba. Add her to the woman of the night who hid the spies that Joshua sent into the Promise Land, along with Ruth the Moabite! Even Jesus’ genealogy is a testament to God’s grace. He indeed came for all people—people from every ethnic background and shady background.

Jesus said; “On hearing this, Jesus said, ‘It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. But go and learn what this means: I desire mercy, not sacrifice. For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.’” (Matt. 9:12-13)

Perspective 2-Dan Petrak

Perspective 3-Diane Schmidt

What a great event for Solomon to build the temple and then be there for its dedication, for the first sacrifices made to God in the temple. I have witnessed and heard about dedications of buildings in recent years and it’s a pretty big deal. A big party, super important people are present, speeches and accolades are given. As I read through Chapter 13 of “The Story” I just imagined how huge the event of the Temple dedication would have been. The splendor, no holds barred party that King Solomon would have held for this dedication. To be there would have been a life altering experience. Since the temple was destroyed in the first century I guess I will just have to continue to image the splendor of the temple, as we will never really know its full beauty and grandeur. Just imagine the splendor and beauty!

But what about the man Solomon? King Solomon, a very wise and rich man, had it all. He had the love of God, the guidance, the blessing and favor of God. He was known the world over, sought after for his wisdom, given gifts from foreign kings. He was achieving world peace. He was blessed with possessions of great value from foreign kings, including their daughters. The only thing Solomon had to do was follow the laws and decrees of God. Follow me and I will continue to bless you and your descendants. That was it. But what did he do? Did he get bored? Did he change his mind? He definitely let those around him influence his decisions. His wives led him astray. In this chapter of the story there is no mention of a prophet, no Nathan or Samuel. What happened there?

Perspective 4- Barb Miles

In this chapter we see that God didn’t choose the qualified but qualified the chosen, again.  This happened when Solomon was chosen to fulfill the responsibility of building the Temple.

Completing his father’s plans for building the temple of The Lord, Solomon is not unlike families of today.  As one generation takes over the previous generation’s plans and accomplishments, so did those in the Old Testament.  God continues to lay the groundwork for the next generation.

Perhaps you or someone you know is a farm family, or runs a family operated business.  They are an example of when one generation steps back from running the business daily to multi-generations working together for their continuation.  They are preparing the next generation to be qualified.  God and David prepared Solomon to be qualified.   When they are so fortunate to have been handed down their previous generations knowledge and wisdom, then God has truly blessed them.

“He is good; His love endures forever.”