Perspective 1- Kelsey Rath

In chapter 14 in The Story, it made me think. Once Solomon died, everything was left for his son, Rehoboam.  So I started to think, when have I left something for someone to deal with? During the story Rehoboam became mad and mean to the poor and pretty much everyone. If you have had something left for you, or have an obstacle to overcome do you take it out on others? Do you go to God with your troubles, worries, and everything you’re going through?

“Be still, and know that I am God”

Even through the tough, the hurting, and all the miserable times, come to the Lord. Do not hurt others or take your anger out on others. Believe that God will guide you wherever you want, need, or tend to go.

Perspective 2- Pastor Ron

Are you kidding? God gives to Jeroboam rule over all of Israel except Judah and Jeroboam responds by making up his own religion!?! I had to read it twice to make sure I was getting it right. Yep, God gives him the lion’s share of the kingdom, but Jeroboam worries that the people will return to Jerusalem to offer their sacrifices.  Jeroboam reasons that if they travel to Jerusalem in the southern kingdom that they will switch allegiance to Rehoboam, so he invents his own religion. He builds altars, comes up with holy days, and appoints priests from whomever steps forward.

Soooo, God came through on His promise to give him rule over all but one tribe, but God couldn’t handle the people going to Jerusalem to offer their sacrifices? I understand that there was more going on than what is recorded. Jeroboam is living life each day and he is seeing things happening with his people, but it still seems unbelievable to me. God can do the impossible, but the seemingly little things in life we need to take into our own hands?

Perhaps this is what Paul was getting at in Romans 8:31-32.

“What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?”

I wonder how many times I have doubted that God would come through and took matters into my own hands. Am I much different from Jeroboam? God was willing to sacrifice His son for me, but to make sure the project is done on time, or the relationship healed…yeah, not sure He is up to the task. Sigh, I wonder if God at times looks at me and thinks, “Are you kidding?”

Perspective 3- Barb Miles

My lower story perspective is focused on Solomon’s son, Rehoboam who was asked by Jeroboam and his leaders to lower the expectations of the laborers who were forced to work very hard long days and were also taxed at a high level.  Rehoboam did ask the elders, but he also asked his peers.  Who’s advice did he take?  His peers.  Rehoboam chose not to lower the work standards.

I remember when my grandfather was still alive, people from the community would come to him with their own story and would ask him to listen.  I have newspaper articles from “Letters to the Editor” that thanked him for his time, listening ear, and open mind.  Grandfather was 80 years old then and lived to 96.  After he retired, he had a desk in his own home and he always had a Bible sitting on the corner of it. I have learned to listen to the generation before me, they have lived a varied life of valuable insight and experience.  If Rehoboam would have listened to his elders, would the nation have been torn in two?

Perspective 4- Dan Petrak