Perspective 1- Kelsey Rath

Birth of baby Jesus. Everyone knows the story, but what we if dug deeper to find something that isn’t mentioned in the story. Such as all the stress and pressure that was on Mary. The stress came from being visited by Gabriel (the angel). I mean come on, it isn’t every day that a virgin or even anybody is visited by an angel. But also being told that you are going to give birth to Jesus, God’s only Son. I’d say the same thing Mary said, “How will this be,” Mary asked the angel, “since I am a virgin?” That’s a good question but God managed to handle it. And Jesus was born.

Now the pressure is on Mary. She had a lot of weight on her shoulders.  Having to believe that she’d be alright since she’s never given birth, then getting into the trouble of traveling somewhere to have Him, and they finally get there and there is no room in the inn. What would happen if she said no, or just ignored the angel and went back inside her house. Would God choose another woman, or was Mary meant for the job of bringing God’s Son, the Holy One, the Messiah into the world? But God knew everything would turn out alright.

Perspective 2- Barb Miles 

I had never thought about reading the story of the birth of Jesus except at Christmas until our congregation started reading “The Story”.  I am usually incorporating the story of Jesus’ birth into the rest of our traditional Christmas activities.  Since we attend church regularly, I realized I rely on the church to “tell the story” for me, each year.  So reading the story of Jesus’ birth in the third week of February helped me focus on the events leading up to and after His birth.

Gabriel, an angel came to Mary, and told her she would conceive and bear a son, a son to be named Jesus; Mary was engaged to marry Joseph at that time; An angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream, telling him to marry Mary, that her conception was from the Holy Spirit; Joseph and Mary became man and wife; Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem to be counted in a census; Jesus was born in a humble setting there, in a stable; King Herod attempted to find where He had been born, he sent the Magi to find Him; After hiding for a while to escape Herod’s rule, Herod died; It is believed they traveled to the land of Israel but we have no more history of the first 12 years of His life; We remember the story of Jesus parents coming to Jerusalem for the Festival of the Passover, and leaving for home, at first not knowing Jesus wasn’t with them.  They retraced their steps after one day on the road to home, and found Jesus in the temple among the teachers, learning from them and asking questions.

Jesus’ mother cared for her son as all mothers do.  She felt honored to give birth to Him, she looked after Him, she was by His side when He died on the cross and she was present when He rose from the grave.

This King was a Savior who would deliver all of us.

Perspective 3- Pastor Ron

As I read the chapter for this week Jesus became more human to me.  Reading of the announcement of His birth to both Mary and Joseph, His birth, escape to Egypt, and finally the encounter at the Temple when He was 12 in chronological order brought a deeper sense of knowing His human side.  Although we know nothing of his childhood reading it in this fashion open up the imagination.  I can see the toddler Jesus and then the little boy.  One can imagine Him working side by side with His father.  Just about the time Joseph and Mary begin to forget His miraculous birth the 12-year-old Jesus is astounding those in the Temple courts.  I wonder if there were other times that they were reminded that their son was no ordinary boy?  I wonder what their thoughts were about Jesus and what He would one day accomplish.  Most of the time, though, I would guess they didn’t think anything other than this was their son.

I know that Jesus is God and I know that He is my savior, but I also take comfort in knowing that He was human.

Perspective 4- Dan Petrak

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