“Nazareth! Can anything good come from there? Nathanael asked. Come and see, said Philip”

Philip found Nathanael and told him that he had found the one Moses wrote about in the law. That is a pretty big claim to put out there. No wonder Nathanael was a little bit leery of the whole thing. This is a subject you don’t mess around with, we’re talking about the Messiah, and not just some street corner prophet.

I love this story and the interaction that takes place. Philip didn’t have all the answers to Nathanael’s objections. He didn’t even try to fumble his way through some theological jargon to convince him otherwise. It was as simple as “Come and See!”

Do we have the same interaction with people around us? Have we lost the joy of discovery? We have a real fear that we need to know everything about Jesus and how to defend every objection before talking about him with anyone. Philip obviously didn’t know everything and neither do I, but it shouldn’t stop us inviting people to see who Jesus is for themselves.

What does this invite include? I believe people are skeptical today of anything that smells like organized church. An invitation to know Jesus means I have to sit in a strange place, with strange rituals, and often times strange people. Instead, invite them into a relationship where you can sit down one-on-one to talk about and discover together who Jesus is, what he said and if this is true what does it mean for your lives. It still might be scary but be open to discuss the topics and questions that arise and find out what it all means.

An interesting parallel exists in chapter 23 of “The Story.” Throughout the chapter, people are looking to discover who this guy Jesus is. The end of chapter 22 points to this fact as it says,

“Who was this Jesus? A New prophet? A scholar destined to be a great rabbi? Perhaps a political leader with the charisma to finally send the oppressive Roman armies, who controlled Judea, back across the sea?”

We are invited to discover who this Jesus is as we ask the questions, but it is followed up when we hear from him in his own voice but also hear from the eye witnesses to the story.

To emphasize this point, Jesus has a face to face interaction with a Samaritan woman at the well and after the conversation she goes back to her village and says, “Come, see…” We are invited into a discovery. It is not a lecture given, but a journey of exploration that will last a lifetime.

Are you ready for the ride of your life? Come and See!