Perspective 1- Kelsey Rath

When reading the final chapter in The Story something that stood out to me was when God said,

“I am the alpha and the omega, who is, and was, and is to come, the almighty.”

Since alpha and omega means the beginning and the end, this gives us a feel of God truly won’t leave us. He will always be there for us. He will be there in the beginning and the end.  Who is, and was, and is to come. This to me means that he is God, he was God, and will always be God.  This how God was telling the disciples that he and only he was the true Lord almighty. He is the Lord, was the Lord, and is the Lord to come.

Perspective 2- Pastor Ron

My first reaction to chapter 31 of The Story? How am I am going to do a 20-minute message on the entire book of Revelation! My second reaction was one of sadness that the journey is coming to an end. I know that it is not the end and the book of Revelation makes that very clear. The upper story of God goes on for all eternity. Yet, it has been such a great journey for us as a congregation to read through God’s Word in a chronological order, to have so many “ah ha” moments, and to share our thoughts with one another, that it is sad to see it come to an end.

With all those thoughts going through my head as I read the chapter, the one question that kept coming up was how can we now tell this story to others? The reality is Jesus will return one day, and to those who know Him as their Savior, a paradise beyond comprehension awaits them, but for those who do not…It is a sobering thought. It is a great responsibility. It is an honor that God would entrust the spreading of His story to us.

The personal challenge I took away from this chapter is how can God use me so that more people will drink from the living water and eat from the tree of everlasting life.  Secondly, how can God use Gloria Dei to do the same? Have you given that much thought?

Perspective 3- Barb Miles

The end? The End of Time?

No, not the end, but the beginning.  The beginning for us who are victorious.

Count the references to ‘Victorious’ in Chapter 31 – Victorious – the right to eat from the tree of life Victorious – the right to be dressed in white – pure Victorious – the right to sit with Jesus on His throne Victorious – the right to drink the water from the spring of life A victory for our God who, since the beginning wanted to come down from the Upper Story and dwell with His people.

The apostle John received a new vision and was told to write it down. John saw the new heaven and the new earth coming down out of heaven.  Through John, we have his record and description of a place so spectacular that we can scarcely imagine.  A place that does not require a sun or a moon to provide light but is illuminated by the radiance of God.

Apostle John says this day will surely come.  Until that day, all believers share in the new covenant of Jesus as written by the apostle Paul – to go to our Jerusalem; to go to our Judea; to go to our Samaria and to go to the ends of this earth to share with those who have not heard the story of Christ Jesus.  Share the Good News.

So while we wait for the new world that John described, we have our work to do.  Bringing Jesus Christ to people for the first time and for a lifetime.

Come Lord Jesus – Come!

Perspective 4- Dan Petrak