Plug In

How can I connect with God?

One thing I really don’t like… when I’m vacuuming the floor and the plug dislodges from the outlet.  What once was a beautiful humming machine, cleaning my house, has now become quiet and very useless (unless you consider hauling around a heavy object that doesn’t do what it’s suppose to do useful).  I get frustrated when I have to follow the cord back to the outlet and then find another outlet to plug it into.  But once I do… no longer useless.  I can go about my business and vacuum the floor.

Connecting…what is your power source?  What energizes you to go out and make a difference in this world?  What do you connect to in order to perform the way God created you to perform?  It’s easy for us to find things in this world to connect to:  sports, music, job, friends, and family.  The list can go on for a long time.  Yet, in the end, those things don’t supply us with enough power to truly live the life that God has planned for us.

God has set up a never-ending supply of power for us.  It’s called the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 3:16).  This spirit that lives in you is God himself.  You have this source every single day, hour, minute and second of your Christian life.  God invites you every single day to be connected to Him and to be aware that He is with you.  Giving you power to live for Him.

Just like any battery, it runs down and needs to be replaced or recharged.  Our faith life is the same.  The weight of this world and the demands of life cause us to wear down.  Sometimes even to the point of giving up.  God has a promise and invitation for you.  In Psalm 34, verses 4-9, God’s word tells us to seek Him, look to Him, call out to Him, taste and see that He is good!  In order for us to stay strong in our faith, we must seek, look, call out and come to Jesus for our faith battery to be charged.  When our faith is charged up, there is nothing that can stand in our way.

Every weekend we have an opportunity to worship our God!  Every week we have an opportunity to gather together to study his word!  Every day we are invited to spend some time with him in devotion and prayer!  Every moment of our lives are connected to the powerful, loving God of the universe! How are you connecting to Him today?

IMG_0241A little bit about TK: Tim Kightlinger is a 47 year old man (48 at the end of February) and loves his wife, his four kids (and two son-in-laws), his two awesome grandkids (#3 on the way), God and sports.  Being in youth ministry for over 20 years has taught him that a life that God changes can do great things.  He just bowled his first 300 game (and is still shaking from the adrenaline).  One of his goals to land a 360 off a tabletop while snowboarding.  And just another random thing about Tim: he really dislikes the spray that come off the car tires that hit his windshield after all the snow melts.