2 Chron. 15.2

I love working in a church environment. There are obvious perks – I don’t have to be concerned with rules about keeping work and faith separate. I can take a few minutes in the Sanctuary when it’s empty. And a Bible on my desk doesn’t look out-of-place.

But, there is also a hazard—thinking I’ve spent time with God, when I haven’t. Let me explain.

There are days of sermon theme planning, which involves spending time in God’s word, future vision planning for the sake of the Kingdom, and meetings about spiritual growth in the congregation. At the end of the day, I feel like I’ve been immersed in God’s work.

And then I realize I haven’t actually spent any time with Him. I’ve been in Scripture, but it wasn’t personal. I spent my day working for Him, but didn’t include Him.

And it makes a difference—in my attitude, my emotions, and even how fatigued I feel.

I didn’t spend time with God personally. One-on-one. Just me and Him. And I miss it.

So, I have to make a conscious effort to make sure I’m talking to Him, starting my day with Him, asking for guidance, and at times, just resting with Him.

I have to experience Him in my everyday. If I get caught up in busyness and work (even at church), I can’t hear when He whispers to my heart.

I also remember my days of working in the corporate world—meetings, working late, and no time for God. And days of being a stay-at-home mom—tantrums, laundry, talking to a toddler, and not knowing how to fit in quiet time with Him.

So, for me, wherever I am in life, I have to be intentional about making sure God doesn’t get the last little bits of my time, or worse yet, none at all.

I have to listen for Him. Sometimes, He’s loud and clear, and sometimes it’s a quiet reminder that He’s with me.

I have to be in Scripture, reading, pondering, and relating His word to my life.

I have to remember to start my day with Him and talk to Him throughout the day, not in formal prayer, but in conversation.

And I have to look for Him—His work in my life, the beauty He creates around me, and the way He answers prayer.

When I forget or don’t make time, I miss out. And it makes a difference. A big difference.

How about you – can you tell a difference when you’ve spent time with God and when you haven’t? Is it time to get intentional about listening and looking for Him?
In Christ,
Laura Rath ~ Journey in Faith


Photo credit: Stock photo: Empty Bench