baddesley clinton

A few years ago I was talking with my nephew. I asked him where he was at with his relationship to God.  He said, “I still believe in God but sometimes I just wonder where He is.”

For me it is easy to see God. I look at the beautiful blue sky and the birds flying back and forth and I see God. I look at my wife and daughters and I see God. I look at the home I live in and the food on my table and I see God.  I think about how God brought me to Gloria Dei and all the events that made that possible. I think of how blessed I am in every way and I can’t help but see God.  The reason I see Him everywhere is because I am always thinking of Him. He has created faith in my heart and that faith leads me to see every day and every thing as a gift from him.

Why didn’t my nephew recognize God in his life? I think in the struggle of life he has wandered and become disconnected from Jesus. When our choices don’t include God or our routines don’t have a time with God our faith weakens, our ability to see Him everywhere diminishes.

To recognize God we have to search for Him where He has promised to be—in His Word and Sacraments. When we gather with our family of faith for worship we find strength, comfort and encouragement. When we spend time one on one with God He speaks to our souls and gives us His peace.

Faith is a gift also.  With faith we trust and believe. With faith we grow closer to God. With faith we begin to see things as He sees them—see people as He sees them and find comfort in all the places we see Him.

A little bit about Pastor Phillips. Pastor Tim Phillips is the Director of Congregational Care at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church where he has served for ten years. He and his wife Kim are passionate about connecting people to Jesus and helping people find their way in life.