Young boy jumping into lake

Come On In, The Water Is Fine!

Have you ever noticed what swimmers do when they take the first late spring/early summer swim at a lake? Some swimmers slowly wade into the water, first up to the ankles, then to the knees, and then to the waist. At this point the moment of truth is reached when the decision is made. Do they plunge in or do they turn around and head back to the beach? Other swimmers walk to the end of the dock, take a big breath, and dive in not worried about the cold water or their body’s reaction to it.
In Luke 10: Jesus sent the 72 disciples, two by two, into the towns and villages. In verse three, Jesus commanded: “Go!” “I am sending you out like lambs among the wolves.” He certainly did not tell the 72 to wade in, go slowly, get used to the water and then go. He told them to go to the end of the dock and dive.
Most of us will never have to experience physical risk or persecution for following Christ, but we may have to examine our comfort zones concerning our beliefs. Are we willing to stand and witness for Him or will we shy away from the risk of “What will people think” about us. Are we willing to take our resources, our time and our talents and return them to Him and put our trust in Him to provide for us? Are we willing to let go of our desire to be in control of our lives and turn that control over to Him?
Luke 10:17 say the 72 disciples returned with joy. What is keeping you and me from diving in and experiencing the joy that only Christ can bring?

A little bit about Bill: Bill Jesse is currently serving as the Executive Director of Gloria Dei. Bill and his wife, Sue, joined Gloria Dei in 2008. Bill retired from public education after 33 years as a teacher, coach, principal and superintendent of schools. Bill and Sue’s family live in the Des Moines metro area in Polk City and Granger. Bill and Sue have been blessed with two sons, Dan and Dave, two daughter in laws, Lisa and Angie and five grandchildren.