pathway in park

Do I seek God’s truth? Even after pondering this week’s readings from John 3:1-15, 4:1-26, I struggle to define God’s truth.  I have participated in enough Bible studies to know that the stock answer to “What is God’s truth?” is the Bible. Whatever I am struggling with, whenever I am trying to discern what God’s Will is for me, I know that my best chance for an answer is to pray and to dive into God’s Word. And when the answer doesn’t come quickly, I am slowly learning to trust in God’s timing.

Sometimes, however we don’t want to hear the truth, even when it makes sense – when it’s staring us in the face. The Samaritan woman in this week’s reading tried to avoid the truth of how she was living her life, yet Jesus saw right through that and lovingly called her on it. She was face to face with her Lord, yet her parting comment was, “could this be the Christ?”

In the other reading, Nicodemus, a supposedly learned religious leader, was seeking the truth. He was smart enough to seek that truth through Jesus, yet he continued to question. Three times, Jesus told him, “very truly, I tell you.” How many times does God have to repeat Himself to me, yet I still question?

In my heart, I can get caught up in worldly truth. If something is deemed to be true, it must be scientifically factual or experientially observed. Or related to us by someone we trust. In this fallen world where we live, however, what we held as true can be bent into an unrecognizable shape.

How comforting it is to know that God’s truth does not bend or change. When we hear the truth, are we ready to accept it? The truth is available to us if we can just open our hearts to receive it. When we trust God’s truth, it comes with a responsibility to then share that truth with others. My study Bible says that Jesus doesn’t turn on the light–He IS the light. (Oh, if only His truth could always be so obvious!) I pray I will always recognize God’s truth, and be so overjoyed with that truth that I can’t help but share it with everyone around me.

IMG_0881A little bit about Beth: Beth is an administrative assistant in the church office part-time, which eats into the time she spends on her obsession with knitting. She and her husband, Chuck, have attended Gloria Dei for 14 years and are parents of two college students, Rachel and Calvin. You may recognize Beth from the worship team if you attend a contemporary worship service. In whatever spare time is left after family, work and knitting, she likes to read, sew, camp, fish, go for walks, and figure out ways to knit while doing the aforementioned activities. Did I mention she likes to knit?