We are excited to send two teams out to serve our nation and world. Please keep both teams in your prayers and visit our Facebook page next week to see new photos and updates. 

The Youth Mission Trip

This Saturday, June 15, eight teens and two adults are loading up a 15-passenger van with sleeping bags, and suitcases as well as construction tools, and heading to Racine, Wisconsin. This week-long mission trip, sponsored by Group work camps, will be aimed at repairing homes for individuals and families in need while encouraging more than 400 teens to experience the power of this week-long faith community.

Lodging in a high school, the teens will begin each day with breakfast, devotions and a morning program that will help them learn the week’s theme: “What do you stand for?” They will then be divided into work groups with complete strangers and given a specific construction assignment. The work can include painting, constructing ramps, fixing porches and other simple repairs. The goal is to get the work done by building strong and working relationships with each other and those they serve. They are encouraged to work hard and love each other the way that Christ loves them.

tkFor Tim Kightlinger, Director of Youth Ministry, this is the sixth work camp that he has worked on with the youth from Gloria Dei. In fact, he says  this is one of his favorite parts of his job in the summer. “I am excited to see how God changes the lives and faith of the teens. It’s just cool to see them as they say “I get it now. Jesus became real to me this week.”

So as you think about the youth this week, please keep them in your prayers. And while you are at it, please keep the other teens, adults and those they serve in your prayers. Lots of hammers, organization, skill, supplies, laughter, and unity will be needed to make the week a life-changing experience for all.

This year’s team consists of: Ryan Dueker, Hailey Kromminga, Natalie Larimer, Jonas Dierenfield, Alex Snyder, Sam Hainline, Carly Kinning, Rae Gathercole, Lauren Snyder and Tim Kightlinger

Honduras Mission Trip

The Gloria Dei Honduras mission team will gather at 3 a.m. on Saturday, June 15 to begin their journey to provide construction, evangelism, children’s ministry and general medical, dental and pharmaceutical services to those in Honduras. The 14-member team will also transport six bins and one duffel bag of donated medical supplies, as well as a chiropractic table. They will fly out of Des Moines and arrive in Honduras late Saturday afternoon.

And they are excited.

tpPastor Tim Phillips, shares in their excitement.

“We have a great team, lots of great people,” says Pastor Phillips. “I am looking forward to building and establishing relationships with the team and the people that we will meet.”

Traveling to Honduras is not a new experience for Pastor Tim Phillips. He has been working in Honduras with World Gospel Outreach (WGO) for 18 years. “It is so great to see the impact a mission trip has on the team. I especially enjoy seeing how people experience their first trip. It is exciting to watch!”

This year’s team consists of: Eric Bass, Jody Bass, Adam Bognar, Pamela Calaway, Jamison Dierenfield, Randy Dierenfield, Kara Ganzer, Jane Lamfers, Kim Phillips, Pastor Tim Phillips, Paulette Ritter, Gary Wasko, Kristine Wasko and Melissa Woodruff.

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