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After all that God had provided His people; after all the times that He had shown them His power to protect and bless them, the spies sent into the promised land came back and said that it would be suicide to do what God had commanded. All but two–Caleb and Joshua, who begged the people to obey God and enter the land. They would not, which led to another forty years of desert education.

It’s easy to criticize the spies who came back saying, “There’s giants there!”  I wonder, though, how many times we do the same thing.

I was sitting in my favorite fast food “office” the other day and noted a very scruffy man in his 50s sitting with a backpack and a cup of coffee. I had seen him there before, but this time something urged me to go over to him and say “I don’t want to offend, but would you like to have a McMuffin to go with your coffee?”

Another something inside me said, “There’s giants there!”  I listened to the wrong voice, and after awhile he hoisted his backpack and walked out the door and down the street. I wasn’t very proud of myself for fearing giants in the land.

How many times have you had opportunity to help another person, but ringing in your ears was the phrase, “There’s giants there!”


Who really cares?

“I don’t care,” has become a common phrase heard throughout our world. It may be for something as simple as what do you want for dinner or as big as defaming a person’s character and not caring. There is an anonymous quote that says, “The opposite of love is not hate, it is apathy. Apathy is when you would do nothing for someone. Love is when you would do anything.” The biggest problem in our world today is that more and more people care less and less about anything.

What has led us to the point that we could care less about anything? What has caused a whole generation to lose compassion?

Apathy and indifference are two terms that are used when talking about our problems. These words are related but exactly the same. Both of these words can mean lack of interest, but apathy has a deeper element. It can mean to suppress passion or emotion. You may have experienced stepping into a room full of people and trying to figure out the crowd so that you will fit in. So there you are standing in the room, thinking about how you can act or change to fit in. Apathy leads people to disregard what they care about because they want to fit in.

There has to be a better way to operate. There must be some way that we can start to break away from cynicism, apathy and indifference. Christians must look to Jesus the author and perfector of our faith.

Jesus often times looks around and has compassion on people. Compassion is caring in action. It takes caring to the next step. You see something wrong and then you do something to correct it. Jesus comes across two blind men who are sitting by the side of the road. They call out to him numerous times but the crowd basically tells them to shut up. Jesus hears them, and says, “What do you want me to do for you?” The crowds were willing to pass by without helping, without caring about these two blind men, but Jesus was different. Jesus had compassion and touched their eyes and they could see.

How can we start to stand out from the crowd? How can Christians become the ones known for their compassion, or caring in action?

Spend some time today thinking about caring. Leave your comments about a strategy that we can start to take to stand out from the crowds. It’s time to end apathy and start caring again!

Building a Community of Character: Caring

We have arrived at pillar #5: Caring. Pastor Burcham will deliver the message this weekend as we try and hear from God concerning the call to be caring.

There are a number of instances when Jesus had compassion on people. He saw them as sheep without a shepherd, he wept over Jerusalem, and took the time to heal the sick. The deepest extent of his care for us came when he went to the cross. He knew we were like sheep without a shepherd. He has come as our shepherd, we listen to his voice and he cares for us. We know that he cares for us and we are called upon to cast our cares on him.

But as followers of Jesus Christ we are also called to care for one another, whether it is the example of the early church caring for the widows and poor, or to Paul admonishing us to care for all people, especially those of the Christian faith. When we give of ourselves it is part of who a Christian is called to be.

Extending out of our relationship with God in which he cares for us, what is one act that you can do today to show that you care? It might start in your own home, maybe it is with someone at work. Share with us some ideas so that we can spread the word.

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