Perspective 1- Pastor Ron

Where did we get the stereotype of a faithful follower of God?  When you think of a faithful follower more than likely you picture a very pious individual who is deeply religious.  Someone who always has a pleasant smile on their face, is never upset or angry, and oh that’s right poor.  Yep, they need to be poor barely scraping by because that shows that they are humble.

Hmmm…may I introduce you to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  Abraham comes from a family that worships false gods and he has so many flocks and hired hands that he has to separate from his nephew Lot.  Isaac appears to be just as wealthy if not more so than his father and he has favorites among his sons.  Jacob deceives his father and steals the birthright from his brother and after fleeing for his life earns his own fortune from his uncle.  I almost forget when Jacob comes back to the promise land he has to give orders to his household to get rid of all the foreign gods they have been carrying around.

Wow, they do not fit the mold and neither do I.   Although in our society we may not be considered wealthy in comparison to the rest of the world we are all pretty rich.  Not sure that I am all that pious all the time and at times I don’t have a pleasant smile on my face.  My take away from Chapter two of The Story – this is God’s story and it is about what he will accomplish and not what I am capable of.  God can and does use the most unlikely people at times – including me……………including you.

Perspective 2- Jade Miller

In Chapter 2, God called his servant Abram and his wife Sarai.  God promised them that their descendants would be more numerous than the stars.  Abram’s name was changed to Abraham, meaning “Father of Many”, but in his old age, he still remained childless.

We know that Abraham was the father of what became Israel.  We’ve all been in a similar situation to Abraham, haven’t we?  Sometimes, it doesn’t seem like God can keep His promises.  We can trust in God because He doesn’t make promises that He can’t or won’t keep.

Perspective 3- Barb Miles

God pushed Abraham by offering him a covenant to be the father of many nations.  When God told him this, he was very old and he and his wife Sarah were childless.  Have you ever felt God nudge you to do something that was completely out of your comfort zone?

Once, I was asked by a man in a parking lot ticket booth what that word on my car meant.  The word was FAITH.  I told him I believed in God.  He asked what that meant.  I told him God died on the cross to forgive my sins.  I don’t know where that came from, talking to a stranger and talking about my faith.  My natural tendency is to serve God in quiet ways.  So did God push me out of my comfort zone that day?

Perspective 4- Dan Petrak