When Samuel came to Jesse to anoint the one to replace the failing King Saul, it was assumed that the father would know which of his sons was best qualified. He did not. Nor did Samuel. All Samuel knew was that he wasn’t getting the high-sign from God in his heart as he looked at Jesse’s boys. There is a lesson for us here.

Never assume anything about your children. Their wisdom can exceed our own; their faith almost certainly can exceed our own; their trust in our ability to answer the most obtuse questions possible is amazing. The one that you are sure will qualify for Harvard may choose to go to trade school and become a mechanic. The one you assume will be a mechanic may turn out to be an MIT graduate.

Watch your children without any assumptions except that they need your love, guidance, and trust. They need your faith that God will guide their feet and minds. Our job as parents is to show our love to them equally, guide them equally, treat them equally, trust them equally, and show our pride in them equally.

sue wilson